Devil in the Details: A Portrait of Chicago

Chicago is a beating heart of humanity.  Everyday is clockwork:  the sun rises and sets, people flood in and out in predictable rhythms, garbage cans are filled and emptied, traffic lights turn from green to yellow to red and back again, and people ask about weekends and lunch.  At first glance, all appears healthy and alive.  But at its core, there is a quiet sickness growing within this heart of humanity. We are living in a city and a country that seems to have lost its compass.  At the city’s outskirts, snow quietly falls on empty lots that once held homes, while boarded up houses stand as relics of the American Dream.  Along the meditative waters of Lake Michigan, plastic detritus drifts along, hinting at our history of neglect.  Our lingering daydreams gently remind us that something has been lost. The details add up to a world that isn’t quite as it is supposed to be.

“Devil in the Details:  A Portrait of Chicago” is a solo exhibition of paintings and drawings by Cliff Dweller artist-in-residence Jennifer Cronin. Drawing inspiration from the everyday, Cronin’s work meditates almost obsessively on mundane details to craft images that are delicate yet stark—quiet yet charged with emotion.  This work honors that which is overlooked, and invites the viewer to look more closely at the details of our world. 

This exhibition will be held at The Cliff Dwellers located at 200 S. Michigan Avenue, 22nd Floor from February 4th – March 30th 2018, with an opening reception Wednesday, February 7th from 4:30 – 8:30pm.  The opening reception is free and open to the public.